The top events in Carezza

High, higher, highlights!

Picking out the well-known top events from the varied programme at the Carezza skiing and hiking area is not difficult!

Like the Magic of Christmas at the Lago di Carezza, with a Christmas market at probably the most legend-shrouded lake in the Dolomites. Or the Snowboard World Cup! Carezza also attracts cycling enthusiasts to the Rosadira Bike Festival each year, looking to test themselves and their bikes against the unique pale mountains of the Dolomites!

Here you can find all the highlights at a glance:

Hike parents child Catinaccio with stairway
Hike parents mother child Catinaccio with signpost
Family hiking in Carezza
Hike twosome Catinaccio path panorama

Carezza Familysunday

Also this summer a family (two adults and two children) can travel without limits in Carezza for just 25 Euro on the following Sundays (offer reserved for pedestrian).

  • Sunday 14.06.2020
  • Sunday 05.07.2020
  • Sunday 06.09.2020
  • Sunday 04.10.2020
Rosadira Bike Festival


Let's celebrate the golden autumn!


We look forward to welcome you to the particularly atmospheric edition of ROSADIRA BIKE 2020 from October 1-4,2020!

The current development suggests that at that time it will be possible to celebrate together in the Dolomites. Follow us, we will be your source of inspiration! Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook & Instagram and you receive all interesting information and news.

All tickets booked so far remain valid. The booking can be cancelled free of charge at any time, if it is not possible to join the event at the replacement date. We are more than happy if you continue to follow our path, it would mean a lot to us!

Rosadira Bike Festival party
Rosadira Bike Festival
Rosadira Bike Festival mountainbiker panorama Latemar
Rosadira Bike Festival Mountainbiker Jump Latemar

Rosadira Bike: The Mountainbike-Festival in the Dolomites!


In October 2020 in the Dolomites region Nova Levante-Carezza takes place a special bike event: Rosadira Bike is the Dolomiti MTB Festival with Dolomites glow. A great program in the middle of the nature between the famous Dolomites Mountains Rosengarten and Latemar, bike technique workshops, guided bike tours and e-bike tours, an expo with test possibilities and some great side events with music and culinary highlights is waiting for you.

Rosadira Bike Festival 2019

Worldcup Pra di Tori run panorama Catinaccio start

FIS Snowboard World Cup Carezza

December 17, 2020

The world‘s best boarders compete in spectacular head-to-head duels on the challenging ‘Pra di Tori’ slope in Carezza Dolomites. Racers from all over the world are part of this Parallel Giant Slalom event.

Don‘t miss out on the Après-Ski Party after the victory ceremony!



Dates following soon for 2020



Settimana dei ravioli presso il "Laitnkeller"

01. Jan. 1970 - 06. Jul. 2020
Settimane die Ravioli presso il "Laitnkeller" ad Aica di Fiè dal 24.06. al 06.07.20

Horse adventure for children

06. Jul. - 31. Aug. 2020
This is a special afternoon for children, they will learning every monday all about horses: Which different kinds of horses are there? How do horses need to be looked after? And following experts will give advice and tipps for riding this...
Top Event

07. - 28. Jul. 2020

Guided e-bike tour: panorama and tasting of local cheese

07. Jul. - 22. Sep. 2020
Welschnofen/Nova Levante
Guided e-bike tour around Nova Levante and tasting cheese from the local alpe Hagner (2014 winner of the best cheese from the alpe in South Tyrol). Meeting point & organizer: Bike Rent Service Nova Levante | duration: 10am - 14pm |...

Experience at the alternative educational farm Prennergut

08. Jul. - 02. Sep. 2020
Welschnofen/Nova Levante
Experience at the alternative educational farm with llama, alpaca, papagalli and much more. Presentation of the farm, of the animals, to know the animals and the daily life on the farm | time: 3.00pm - 5.00pm | meeting point: Prennergut in...

First experiences with Lama and Alpaca for families and adults

10. Jul. - 28. Aug. 2020
Welschnofen/Nova Levante
Lama and Alpaca for children and adults Get to know the animals: brush, saddle, prepare...; exercises in the paddock, trip with the animals, drink at the return. Meeting point & organizer: Prennergut | duration: 15.00 - 17.00 o'clock...

Farmer's and grocer's market

10. Jul. - 30. Oct. 2020
Welschnofen/Nova Levante
From June to October, every Friday, there is a Farmer's and Grocer's market. The farmers market offers seasonal vegetables and fruits, cheese, meat as well as homemade jams and juices. Meeting point: Town Hall Square | duration: 3.30pm -...

Grill & Chill - grilled specialities

10. Jul. - 28. Aug. 2020
Friday evening the agriculture "Ladritscherhof" makes special grilled dishs. Nice panorama.
Top Event

16. Jul. - 27. Aug. 2020
Top Event

Berglertafel mountaineers’ dinner

16. Jul. 2020
A gourmet menu with a panoramic view! The Berglertafel mountaineers’ dinner is a five-course menu of typical dishes from Tires served in a stunning setting. The venue is Proa, a mountain pasture with a view of the Catinaccio. There is...

Hiking excursion among the mountain pastures Carezza and visit of the flour mill

21. Jul. - 06. Oct. 2020
Welschnofen/Nova Levante
We take the cable car and start the excursion at Frommer Alm. After 45 minutes hiking we reach the flour mill. Guided tour of the flour mill. In addition, hiking excursion to Karerpass, through the forest of Carezza to lake Carezza. We...