Lake Carezza colourful water - first snow on Latemar | © Carezza Dolomites/StorytellerLabs
Lake Carezza colourful water - first snow on Latemar | © Carezza Dolomites/StorytellerLabs
The Dolomites 
at play with the forces of winter
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The fairy-tale lake

The magical Lago di Carezza has sought out a cosy hollow for itself on the edge of the dense woodland of the Latemar area, at the foot of the pale and mighty Latemar massif. This fairy-tale lake, set at 1,502 metres above sea level, is where - according to legend - a beautiful siren once lived: it boasts shimmering colours and a picture-postcard backdrop to delight visitors, who will not only be able to feast their eyes on it but also enjoy numerous walks around it. A Visitor Centre serves refreshments and souvenirs, while the circular walk around the lake provides some gentle exercise. Don't forget your camera!

Couple Hirzelsteig Latemar Sunset | © Carazza Dolomites

Experience: hiking in Latemarium

Latemarium is the name of the hiking country around the Latemar massif. Themed paths and adventure trails, viewing platforms, a high ropes course, a children's park, bike trail and running circuit all provide incentives for getting out and about in the mountains, enjoying the views, exploring the countryside and following the traces of nature. Children, leisurely strollers and expert mountain hikers will all love Latemarium!

Rosengarten illuminated red trees in autumn mantle | © Gabriel Eisath

King Laurin's Rose Garden

The highest point of the Rosengarten group, the Catinaccio d'Antermoia, rises 3,004 metres above sea level. There are other peaks to keep it company, mainly the Cima Catinaccio, the Vajolet Towers, the Roda di Vaèl and the Torre Finestra. Anyone out and about on the hiking paths, fixed-rope routes (‘via ferrata’), mountain bike trails or taking the lifts in this legendary mountain ‘garden’ will find shelter and refreshment at a total of 11 huts, usually complete with a friendly landlord ready to recount the story of King Laurin's Rose Garden and the phenomenon of the 'Alpine Glow'.

Rosengarten in red and flower meadow | © Gabriel Eisath
King Laurin’s rose garden
Truly unspoilt nature
Earth Pyramids Steinegg Summer Forest | © TV Steinegg/Alfred Tschager
The earth pyramids of Steinegg/Collepietra in the Eggental valley
Giants of clay
Autumn Crocuses Latemar | © Gabriel Eisath
Latemar, the giant of the Dolomites
Tranquil mountain adventures in the Eggental valley
Bletterbach colourful trees View of Weißhorn | © Geoparc Bletterbach/Christian Weber
The Bletterbach gorge near Aldein/Aldino
The (hi)story of the Earth
Lake Carezza purple flowers blue water | © Helmuth Rier
Lake Carezza in the Eggental valley
"...where the Dolomites look at themselves in the mirror." [European Commission]
The Carezza
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