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On the saddle through the Dolomites 

Pedal through King Laurin’s mountain realm at the foot of the Rosengarten massif, up, down, across meadows and through forests – an adventure in itself! The Carezza biking area has plenty of exciting tours to offer mountain bike fans. 

Couple Hirzelsteig Latemar Sunset | © Carazza Dolomites

The icing on the cake for mountain bikers

are the Carezza Trail and the Latemar Ronda, both of moderate difficulty. The Carezza Trail is 4.4 kilometres in length, involves a climb of 500 metres and provides unlimited biking fun – with a variant featuring an exciting pumpline! Those wanting to explore the Latemar massif – or even cycle around it – can take on the 36+ kilometre Latemar Ronda in Welschnofen/Nova Levante, which takes some 4.5 hours and involves a total of 2,000 metres of ascent – with or without using the lifts. You can look forward to a number of places to stop and recuperate along the way, as well as breathtaking views. Try out the biking adventure tours of the Rosengarten-Latemar area!

Carezza Biketrail | © Carezza Biketrail, Eggental - Deutschnofen - Obereggen
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201 Carezza Trail
Distance 4,5 km
Activity time 14 min
Ascent 0 m
Descent 562 m
Pumpline Carezza | © Carezza Dolomites_StoryTeller Labs, Eggental - Deutschnofen - Obereggen
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357 Pumpline and Carezza Trail
Distance 5,1 km
Activity time 18 min
Ascent 5 m
Descent 562 m
Latemar Ronda | © Eggental Tourismus, Eggental - Deutschnofen - Obereggen
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Karersee, Welschnofen
354 Latemar Ronda
Distance 44,3 km
Activity time 8 h 04 min
Ascent 2.147 m
Descent 2.147 m
360 Link to Hagner Alm hut
Distance 1,4 km
Activity time 07 min
Ascent 11 m
Descent 23 m
Karersee, Tiers, Welschnofen
358 Farm Tour
Distance 26,3 km
Activity time 4 h 19 min
Ascent 882 m
Descent 882 m
361 Tschein link
Distance 11,0 km
Activity time 2 h 05 min
Ascent 483 m
Descent 898 m
Karersee, Welschnofen, Tiers
424 Schlern-Rosengarten Ronda counterclockwise
Distance 94,7 km
Activity time 14 h 47 min
Ascent 2.517 m
Descent 3.686 m
Lake Carezza Tour | © Eggental Tourismus, Eggental - Deutschnofen - Obereggen
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Welschnofen, Karersee
356 Lake Carezza Tour
Distance 22,8 km
Activity time 4 h 08 min
Ascent 841 m
Descent 841 m
Welschnofen, Karersee
359 King Laurin Trail Tour
Distance 29,3 km
Activity time 5 h 24 min
Ascent 1.368 m
Descent 1.368 m

Mountain biker downhill background Latemar | © Jens Staudt
The Latemar Ronda in the Eggental valley
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Mountain bikers Forest road View Latemar | © Jens Staudt
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