The holistic sustainability process
in Carezza
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Climate protection covering all areas of the lift systems

Sustainability is no mere buzzword in Carezza, but rather an approach to life, a philosophy by which people work and live. Climate and environmental protection measures can therefore be found in all areas, without exception. Did you know that the mountain meadows are particularly lush here in summer? All thanks to the conscious piste preparation in winter – great care is taken when snowmaking or preparing the pistes and energy is saved wherever possible in order to reduce CO2 emissions.


Local products,

from vegetables to meat, are preferred at “green events” and in the huts and refuges of this hiking and skiing area – catering and farming work closely together all year round. Drinking water comes straight from the precious mountain springs, while the drinking bottles that you can purchase from the Eggental tourism association or at many other locations can simply be refilled in numerous places, thus avoiding the need to buy water in plastic or glass bottles. The ski lifts and the snow cannons used for snowmaking are powered by green energy. Our staff have set up carpools and we try to reduce the proportion of meat on staff menus. Where there is need for improvement we will take appropriate steps, because there is no end to learning, including in Carezza. All staff here can and should think and work towards the same goal: future-oriented and responsible conduct are top priorities in our company philosophy.

In this skiing area in the Dolomites many small actions have set the ball rolling towards a grand sustainability process that will cover all areas and motivate the entire population – including visitors – to be more mindful in their dealings with the environment. Because it’s the only one we have!

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