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Walking between the Latemar and Rosengarden Groups Dolomites

Yoohoo! The hiking bug is calling in high-pitched tones. Walking, hiking, climbing – exploring the Latemar and Rosengarten areas on foot and engaging all your senses. Hiking fans and mountaineers from all over: the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites  will be beyond hikers' wildest dreams!

Past rustic farms and huts on mountain pastures lying amidst lush countryside at the foot of the Rosengarten–Latemar group. Step into the impressive world of craggy Dolomite architecture.

Red illuminated mountain range Rosengarten - Dolomites | © Valentin Pardeller

Rosengarten-Latemar area – hiking in a beauty spot

Long and short hiking routes, steep and flat stretches – around 530 km of hiking paths of all difficulty open up in Val d’Ega hiking area. Get stuck right in or start in a leisurely fashion with the summer lifts. Well-groomed forest and woodland paths, marked stretches and steep tracks, hikes to the craggy mountain peaks of the Dolomites. Walking and discovering the bold beauty all around you from no one's perspective but your own!


Rock labyrinth Latemar | © Eggental Tourismus, Eggental – Val d’Ega
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Welschnofen, Karersee
Highlight circular hike: Lake Carezza - Latemar rock labyrinth - Eggental Mountain Cinema Latemar meadows - Passo Costalunga
Distance 11,7 km
Activity time 3 h 40 min
Ascent 607 m
Descent 607 m
Circular hike Taltbühl
Distance 12,2 km
Activity time 3 h 36 min
Ascent 452 m
Descent 452 m
"Stadlaml Tour" Family hike from Lake Carezza to Malga Stadl Alm
Distance 7,7 km
Activity time 2 h 00 min
Ascent 203 m
Descent 203 m
Farm hike
Distance 10,6 km
Activity time 3 h 14 min
Ascent 477 m
Descent 477 m
Bödenseen lake and Rifugio Antonio Locatelli mountain hut | © Christjan Ladurner, IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige
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Karersee, Tiers, Welschnofen
Dolomites World Heritage Geotrail II
Distance 201,3 km
Activity time 54 h 00 min
Ascent 8.730 m
Descent 8.167 m
Messnerjoch hut | © Eggental Tourismus, Eggental – Val d’Ega
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Family hike to the Messnerjoch hut
Distance 4,3 km
Activity time 1 h 22 min
Ascent 232 m
Descent 232 m
Hiking | © Eggental Tourismus_Alex Filz, Eggental – Val d’Ega
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Karersee, Welschnofen, Tiers
Multi-day Hike - Alpine Pearls
Distance 86,1 km
Activity time 28 h 32 min
Ascent 3.606 m
Descent 3.606 m
Short round at Lake Carezza
Distance 1,3 km
Activity time 20 min
Ascent 21 m
Descent 28 m
Karersee, Welschnofen
To the Poppekanzel | Pulpito in the Latemar
Distance 7,0 km
Activity time 3 h 00 min
Ascent 564 m
Descent 564 m
Eggental_Carezza_Christomannos Monument | © Carezza Dolomites_Storyteller Labs, Eggental – Val d’Ega
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Welschnofen, Karersee
Masarè path
Distance 8,2 km
Activity time 2 h 28 min
Ascent 352 m
Descent 352 m
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A rose-adorned maze of options – the best of hiking!

There are so many scenic paths just waiting to be walked around the Rosengarten area: for example, the large and small circuit around the Rosengarten massif or the Sissi scenic circular walk. There's the Hirzelweg path, too, which starts at the mountain terminal of Paolina cable car and leads through a geological open-air museum on world history on its way to the Kölner Hütte.

The way from Nova Levante to legend-shrouded Lago di Carezza or from Carezza forest right into the rocky maze of the Latemar, with its enormous rock formations to question your sense of proportion, is a little more leisurely. This walk from farmstead to farmstead runs through lush green fields, past rustic farm buildings and affords a dreamlike horizon.

The somewhat steeper ascent from Costalunga Pass to Poppekanzel mountain is rewarded with an even more spectacular view: from the Pala group to the Ortles mountain. The beauty of these mountain giants will be etched into your memory.

No hike would be complete without stopping off for a bite to eat! Charming mountain huts and restaurants – a feast for your eyes and stomach.

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