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Contribute to making South Tyrol a more sustainable place
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Our contribution to sustainable transformation

Head for the Carezza ski area with a clear conscience

Plenty of effort goes into avoiding precious energy being wasted in the Carezza ski area – for the sake of the environment, and to the delight of the numerous skiing and snowboard fans. After all, a landscape like the Dolomites really MUST be protected! In autumn 2019 Carezza joins the "Turn to zero" Community. The company's carbon footprint is thus measured annually, and all possible reduction measures taken. Together with our workers, we discuss and optimise the feasible reduction measures.

2022 greenhouse gas balance -Accession to the "Turn to zero" Community

Certificate "Turn to zero" Community

Skier downhill Pra di Tori slope - view Catinaccio | © Carezza Dolomites/Harald Wisthaler

All together to help protect the environment

It is no coincidence that South Tyrol’s most sun-kissed ski resort and its partner ski area of Arosa in Switzerland form part of the “Alpine climate ski resorts” project from 2011/2012 . There is hardly any other place in the world where you can enjoy skiing as sustainably as in the Carezza ski resort.


Did you know that…

  • … the snow you’re skiing on is much more ecologically efficient than it used to be just a few years ago? This is ensured by the customised planning and intelligent management of the snowmaking systems: as soon as the temperature drops to -10 to -15° Celsius at the beginning of winter, the entire area is covered in snow within 80 hours. These perfect conditions make sure that the snow cover lasts until March or April – and the water and energy requirements are thus significantly reduced!
  • … Georg Eisath, founder of TechnoAlpin, is continuously optimising energy-saving measures used in the processes of snowmaking and piste grooming? All possible because of his technical know-how!
  • … the time taken for the grooming carried out every evening by six snowcats has been reduced by one hour thanks to snow depth measurements and GPS tracking? That means a reduction in fuel use of some 25%.
  •  … the water used for snowmaking derives to a large extent from the “in-house” reservoir basin? It’s the largest, most modern and environmentally friendliest one in South Tyrol.
  • … the lifts are switched off when there’s hardly anyone on the pistes? That also contributes considerably to improving the energy balance of the ski resort.
  • … you can benefit nature in the Val d’Ega by using the comfortable shuttle services on offer? That means large savings in terms of exhaust fumes and traffic noise – the local flora and fauna will be grateful!
  • … the events taking place in the area are so-called “green events”, meaning that they’re organised in a sustainable way? A minimum of waste production and a maximum of waste separation, digital communication instead of waste paper and the use of reusable tableware all contribute to this goal.
  • … the reopening of winter operations in Carezza in 2008 helped limit the the exodus of younger workers from the area through the creation of new jobs?
  • ... In the framework of our initiatives to achieve the stated climate goals, we have converted our slope grooming vehicles from diesel fuel to HVO. "HVO" is an acronym for "Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils." This has allowed us to further improve our greenhouse gas balance and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by another 60-90%.


The Carezza ski resort

is located in the very heart of the Dolomites, under the legendary stone giants of the Catinaccio and Latemar massifs. It offers the best prospects – literally! - for those who love glorious mountain backdrops, impressive slopes and good company. Not forgetting one of the best reasons for coming to the sunny winter climes of Carezza: because here we are actively doing something for the environment!

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