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The "König Laurin Challenge"

An entirely new adventure awaits you at the Carezza Ski Area's longest skiing piste: The König Laurin Course. You start at the Rose Garden cliff at an altitude of 2,337 meters above sea-level and continue through an altitude differential of 1,132 meters and a distance of 7.7 km until you reach the village of Welschnofen / Nova Levante. Your efforts will be rewarded by a fascinating panoramic view of the Dolomites. Just before entering the village, you can have your speed measured at the speed-check box. Once you've arrived in Welschnofen, you might want to take a moment to look up and appreciate the stunning view of the Cologne Hut at the foot of the magnificent Rose Garden. You can be proud of having completed the "König Laurin Challenge."

Pra di Tori Speed-Check

Would you like to measure your skiing speed? Then the Pra di Tori Course is the right place for you! You are free to measure your performance at the lower part of the black course, which has an only slight grade. It's the perfect challenge for families, too: By taking the Le Pope ski lift, you can also return to the start of the speed-check segment.

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