The Cabrio cable car 
in Tiers at the foot of the Rosengarten massif
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An exclusive ascent into the Dolomites

It’s Italy’s first lift of its kind: the Cabrio cable car in Tiers was opened in winter 2021/2022 to take its passengers up to the Frommer Alm, all accompanied by a series of “ooohs” and “aaahs”. The two gondolas are anything but conventional – in fact they feature a “roof terrace” from which you can experience open-air mountain views! Ten passengers at a time can enjoy the ride on the cabin’s open upper deck, with up to a further fifty accommodated in the lower cabin. 

The exclusive Cabrio cable car soars over four kilometres up into the Rosengarten massif and directly to the Frommer Alm. The architecture of both the valley and mountain stations is in one sense eye-catching. In another… it is the exact opposite, as these subtle constructions are literally built into the landscape and the mountain so that you might even miss them. Only the entrances and exits are visible! Inside, passengers arriving are greeted with a gentle green light, wood-themed optics and carefully located glazing. 

Another advantage of the new Cabrio cable car in Tiers at the foot of the Rosengarten is that it promotes gentle, nature-friendly mobility. Shuttle buses can take mountain lovers directly from their accommodation down in the Tiers valley to the valley station, meaning there is no need to use the car. This allows the mountain world of the Dolomites around the Rosengarten massif to be explored in an uncomplicated, eco-friendly way – showing just how exclusive a cable car ride can be!

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