King Laurin's world – now also as an app!

Carezza Ski presents – free of charge – the enhanced e-book APP “King Laurin's World Carezza” for children! Suitable for all smartphones, tablets, and electronic readers in the following formats: iOS, Android, iBooks and KF 8

A beautiful princess, fearless knights, hard-working dwarves, and enchanted objects that give you magical powers: The most-famous legend of the Dolomites is now available – free of charge – in a new enhanced e-book application version.

Simultaneous with the grand opening of the new "Nani Land" children's playland at the Frommer Alm and the new "Nani Fun Slope" thematic slope with various different King Laurin stations along the Laurin I piste from the Frommer Alm all the way to Welschnofen, Carezza Ski invites all children and families to view the legend in 14 wonderfully illustrated pages and in three languages.

Legends are often explanations for natural phenomena wrapped up in delightful stories. Thus, the legend of King Laurin explains why the "Rose Garden" group of mountains in the Dolomites turns red for a few seconds every day. The Dwarf-King Laurin has the central role in this fairytale. He lived in a crystal castle between the rocky gates of this mountain and had a garden with magnificent roses.

An entire soundtrack with enchantingly beautiful music composed and developed by a sound designer especially for this enhanced e-book app provides the magical backdrop for this story.

You can either read the enhanced e-book app aloud yourself or have it read aloud by a professional native speaker – in German, English, or Italian, as you wish. Another extra is a puzzle with two levels of difficulty. The amount of time you need to complete the puzzle is measured. So go ahead and find out who's the fastest! 


- a new, enhanced e-book version free of charge

- for all smartphones, tablets, and electronic readers with the formats iOS, Android, iBooks, and KF 8

- 14 beautifully illustrated pages

- A wonderful soundtrack composed especially for this app

- The world-famous legend of the Dolomites of South Tyrol

- Read aloud by professional voice actors

- But you can also record your own voice reading it

- Puzzle with two levels of difficulty