CAREFUL on the mountain in Carezza Dolomites

BE KIND to the things and the creatures you value

An intact natural environment, the flora, and the fauna

Junction direction Paolina hut

  • Please remain at all times on the posted paths and trails!After the 2018 Vaja storm, our flora and fauna need especially much protection.
  • Please read and follow all signs.
    This is for your own protection!
  • You can leave your car at home!
    Use public transportation | walk | take a bicycle.


  • Please don't litter, and don't leave behind any signs of your presence!
    Take your waste back to the valley with you, and put it into the proper receptacles there
  • We appreciate your considerate behavior towards other visitors to the mountain.
    Bikers | hikers | climbers… Everyone is welcome to visit the mountain!
  • Don't forget that you are a guest in the forest, so please don't make unnecessary noise!
    Enjoy the peace and quiet. Maybe you can then discover some of the wildlife.
  • All dogs must be kept on a leash – on the mountain, too!
    Dogs must wear muzzles in all aerial lifts and buses | Dog-owners: Please ensure that your pets use the canine toilets.
    Collect and properly dispose of your dog's waste – especially on the meadows. It can otherwise cause cattle to miscarry!
Labyrinth in the mountains of the Latemar

  • It is important that you close all gates and doors after yourself!
    Take care not to disturb anything and respect private property!
  • It is prohibited to visit the forest during storms / bad weather.
    Please note the local weather reports
  • Be reasonable when collecting souvenirs…
    And take your waste with you (and any other waste you may encounter).