Ski and snowboard schools in Carezza

For speed freaks, acrobats and beginners

No matter where you’re from, how old you are, whatever your skill level or favorite winter sport, here you can learn to ski, try snowboarding or improve your skiing technique while on holiday. Carezza ski area’s highly trained ski instructors look forward to giving you lessons with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment as you learn to ski in the winter wonderland of the Dolomites!

Skischool Carezza instructor with Latemar

From your very first “snowplough” to racing on the last day!

Here’s something for absolute beginners! Have fun learning how to ski (as well as learning the do’s and don’ts on the slopes) in Carezza’s children's parks . Group lessons last for 2½ hours each day and are held from Monday to Friday. Join in at any time! And, as a successful conclusion to the course, there is a race on the final day - guaranteed to produce both proud parents and kids!
But the fun does not stop there: events such as the New Year's Eve torch relay, the carnival run or the snow nights are all sure to make children's eyes sparkle.

Set your own record! Courses for every level

For beginners, advanced and expert skiers

  • Learn Alpine skiing or snowboarding in small groups for kids and experts
  • Individual freestyle and freeride training on Snowpark Carezza and in deep snow
  • Private lessons in the Dolomiti Superski area: slalom or giant slalom training for upcoming races or individual training for specific goals!

Register for courses in Nova Levante, on the Frommer Alm, at the Lago di Carezza, on the Costalunga Pass or online. The meeting point is either at the ‘König Laurin’ children’s area on the Costalunga Pass, the valley station of the Paolina chairlift, the valley station of the Pra di Tori chairlift on the Costalunga Pass or the top station of the Nova Levante cabin lift on the Frommer Alm. 

conveyor belt in the Naniland Carezza

Child supervision

Babypark in Carezza 

Explore Carezza while your child is having fun in one of our parks

The ski school Carezza offers in collaboration with the tourism association of Nova Levante and Tires al Catinaccio a professional entertainment for kids. You can bring your children to the baby park just for a couple of hours, half a day or for the whole day. We organize in our baby park King Laurin and in the heated lounge adventurous activities for your kids. If you want you can also book their lunch. We take only children over 2 years.

On the Paolina slope with Rosengarden

The König Laurin Tour

König Laurin and his legendary "Rose Garden." Every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m., you can join the Carezza Ski School for a tour of this majestic natural spectacle. We'll follow the trail of the famed "Dwarf King" and simultaneously explore the ski area. En route, we'll encounter various characters from the Laurin Legend and provide you with exciting details about one of the most-interesting sagas of the Dolomites.
The legend explains why the "Rose Garden" mountain is bathed in a red glow every day for a few moments. König Laurin, who resided in a crystal palace between the mighty cliffs of the mountain and who possessed a garden with magnificent roses, plays the main role, of course.

You're in for a thrilling experience!

Please register for the tour by 5:00 p.m. of the previous day with the Carezza Ski School,, phone: +39 0471 612236.


  • 1 day: 40,00€
  • 2 days: 75,00€
  • 3 days: 95,00€
  • 4 days: 110,00€
  • 5 days: 120,00€
  • 6 days: 130,00€
  • 7 days: 140,00€
  • 1 day: 60,00€
  • 2 days: 110,00€
  • 3 days: 140,00€
  • 4 days: 160,00€
  • 5 days: 180,00€
  • 6 days: 200,00€
  • 7 days: 220,00€

Lunch (bookable daily): 15,00€

On the slopes of Carezza Dolomites
Instructor on the King Laurin slope
Instructors on the King Laurin slope
Group of newbies in action in Carezza

Ski and snowboard schools in Carezza

  • Carezza ski and snowboard school

Karerseestraße 157
Tel. 0471 612236
Lago di Carezza office - Paolina valley station

  • Vigo di Fassa ski school

Italian-speaking ski school of Vigo di Fassa and Costalunga Pass
Ski school office at Costalunga Pass
Costalunga Pass, Vigo di Fassa 38039
Tel. +39 334 9533171


  • Main office, Paolina car park 09.00–12.00 noon and 13.00-17.00, tel. 0471 612236
  • Carezza Ski children’s area, Costalunga Pass, 09.00–16.30, tel. 345 3313610
  • ‘Naniland’ Carezza, top station of Nova Levante cabin lift, 08.30–16.15, tel. 331 2606602
  • Golflift, Golflift valley station, 09.00–13.00 and 14.00–17.00, tel. 339 3094733
  • Ski school office at Costalunga Pass 8.00 to 16.00 Uhr, Tel. +39 334 9533171

The first steps on snow...