Carezza’s huts - on the pastures, in the mountains

Magical huts to enjoy!

Hardly anyone visits the mountains above the Val d'Ega without the idea of stopping at least once at one of its twenty or so huts! They offer culinary treats that should form part of every hike  - Carezza’s mountains are truly tasty! How do the Dolomites taste? Just come and try!

South Tyrolean “soul food” in the Val d'Ega

Speck dumplings and goulash, pasta pockets, fritters, apple strudel - and of course one (or two) glasses of wine are all perfect for rounding off any mountain adventure! The huts of Carezza not only offer fine fare, but also fine views: the terraces outside and the surrounding meadows are ideal places to take a break!

dumplings with coleslaw
Schlutzkrapfen and dumplings

A taste of the wild side: the game and forest weeks

Every year, the late summer or early autumn see the game and forest weeks held in Carezza! It is a time when the guided walks and menus in the villages of Nova Levante and Carezza are for a whole week dedicated to South Tyrol's woods and wildlife.


Some of the huts in the skiing and hiking area of Carezza can be reached on foot directly from Nova Levante, Lago di Carezza or Tires al Catinaccio, while the lifts are open in the summer months to take visitors to the huts and refuges higher up.