Mountainbike in the Dolomites

Mountain biking in Carezza

Swing into the saddle and go!

Mountainbike - Touren in den Dolomiten

Enjoying a bumpy downhill ride over networks of roots! Pedalling uphill on narrow forest paths and across wide mountain pastures. Sometimes with the Dolomites in the background, sometimes with them in the foreground, your pulse racing! Your heart beating to the rhythm of your mountain bike.

Arrival with the Cablecar in Carezza Dolomites


Carezza: a network of several hundreds kilometres of routes. Trails, dirt tracks, forest paths. Cycling here means really experiencing the Dolomites! They are an undisputed treasure trove for all mountain bikers. They afford great challenges and deep relaxation – all in one tour. Feeling the wind in your face, smelling the pine forests, the odd mountain pine branch brushing your calves. Soaking up the sun and taking breaks at huts on mountain pastures. And you're off again! Every day getting to know a new side to the mountains: the Latemar circuit and Catinaccio tour are only two of the rides you just have to do!

Some hints for planing the tour:
 Tour/Rosadira - Tour/Val d'Ega

You can go mountain biking nearly everywhere in Carezza with the exception of a few hiking paths high up which are not accessible for bike addicts. However, there are stretches further down just for mountain bikes, a bike trail and a trail park – while forest paths may be used with the previso of respecting other users.


Anyone coming to Carezza skiing, hiking and bike country would be well advised to stay in one of the bike hotels, as this is where the best bike service may be found! You can swing spontaneously into the saddle in Carezza thanks to three bike hire outlets. And if you fancy improving your bike skills or being guided through the big, wide and high world of mountain biking, the Dolomiti-Bike-School will be happy to help you! All confirmed pedal pros will love the one and only Rosadira bikefestival – exploring the Dolomites by bike!

Mountain biking in Carezza at a glance:

  • sveral hundred kilometres of routes
  • 3 bike hire outlets
  • 1 bike school
  • Bike hotels
  • bike season from May to end of October
  • annual highlight: Rosadira Bikefestival!