The FIS Snowboard World Cup is a GREEN EVENT

Fairplay for the environment

Green Events are planned, organized and carried out in accordance with environmentally friendly criteria. The other essential factors are regional value creation, efficiency use of resources, waste management, mobility and social responsibility.

The event FIS Snowboard World Cup will be certified as a green event. Significant factors include the sparing utilization of resources, environmentally friendly mobility, waste management and the use of regional and seasonal products.

The organisers of the FIS Snowboard World Cup have made it to their goal to fulfil these specified criteria and were therefore awarded with the certification "Green Event" by the South Tyrolean Regional Environmental Agency.

The most important measures are:

  • Print products are printed entirely on FSC paper
  • Careful waste management: avoidance and separate collection of waste
  • Visitors are encouraged to use the public transport
  • Drinks in returnable bottles are preferred
  • Participating teams will be informed about the Green Event and asked to contribute as much as possible to achieve the target (e.g. compensation of CO2 emissions, etc.)
  • At least one vegetarian dish will be offered

Please help us to make the event as environmentally friendly as possible by reaching the location with the public transport!

Suggestions for improvement and feedback on the Green Event organisation are always welcome. Please contact us!

You too can help us to protect the environment by traveling to the FIS Snowboard World Cup in an eco-friendly way!