Fixed-rope routes, rock climbing and mountaineering in Carezza

Adventure and instruction in the mountains

With their cathedrals, limestone towers, rock formations and peaks, the Dolomites are a climbing paradise like no other! Ideal for all fans of vertical adventures and adrenalin rushes, coupled with an overwhelming amount of natural beauty.  

Whether Alpine climbing, free climbing or bouldering, these types of sport require not only technique and strength, but also considerable concentration - mental training amidst the rocks, and high-altitude training from head to toe, all demand strong ropes, strong partners and strong nerves! And all in the midst of a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

The ideal guide – Catinaccio Alpine Centre

Do you first want to learn the basics, prioritising safety and learning about the mountains with the experts? It’s always a good idea!

From your very first efforts all the way to reaching the summit directly via a rock face: the Catinaccio Alpine Centre offers multi-day courses for fixed-rope routes (‘via ferrata’), rock climbing and sports climbing. Lead climbing, a master discipline for multiple-pitch Alpine routes, can also be learned on a one-day course.

Fixed-rope routes and mountaineering in the Catinaccio massif

King Laurin may not have been a climber, but his kingdom is criss-crossed by six fixed-rope routes. Ranging in difficulty from “light sweat” to “major challenge”, there are routes up to the peaks of the Catinaccio d'Antermoia, the Roda di Vaèl and the Santner Pass. The classic climbing routes in the Catinaccio massif have fairy-tale names: the Croda di Re Laurino (Laurin Wall), the Croda del Diavolo (Devil's Wall) and the three Vajolet Towers.

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