Carezza,the most child-friendly ski resort in South Tyrol

Endless fun in the snow

There are three children's areas just waiting for children from three years and upwards in the Carezza family ski area, in the midst of the legendary Dolomites! There is the wonderful "Trail of Legends" too. But first things first!

Carezza Dolomites ... a paradise for the kids

First steps in the Carezza Kinderland

King Laurin's 'Kinderland'

Carezza's biggest children's area welcomes kids from the age of three years at the Costalunga Pass, at the top station of the Hubertus cabin lift. A bouncy castle, toboggans, snow hills, carousels, ski instructors and moving carpets all ensure that the little ones can learn to ski in a safe, child-friendly way - with plenty of fun in the glittering white snow! And if the weather is bad, there is a warm play room to enjoy. Kids can also warm up for the ski racing held here every Friday!

conveyor belt in the Naniland Carezza


The "Nani" are King Laurin's dwarves who pull kids through King Laurin's Crystal Palace on the Frommer Alm on a height-adjustable drag lift specially designed for children - the first of its kind in South Tyrol! The little ones can easily reach the baby slope either using the lift or on one of the two magic carpets. There the instructors will teach them to ski so that soon they can try out their skills on the pistes with the grown-ups!

Skischool Vigo di Fassa Kinderland

'Kinderland' at Vigo di Fassa ski school

The children's area at the Vigo di Fassa ski school is situated right on the Costalunga Pass and also offers kids the chance to learn how to ski in a child-friendly and safe environment, just like everywhere else in the Carezza ski area. And, with plenty of other kids for company, practising together is lots of fun!

Family Funline Catinaccio King Laurin

The Trail of Legends & more

On side the kids can learn all about the fabulous history of King Laurin and find out why his magical rose garden turns pinkish-red for a few moments every day. Between the Frommer Alm and Nova Levante there is also a King Laurin-themed piste with six stations for children to learn about the legend of King Laurin and his beloved Similde. The Trail of Legends is, on the other hand, located by the Le Pope ski lift and is aimed at children and freestyle beginners, explaining the FIS rules of conduct in a fun way.

Explore the reign of King Laurin with ski

The König Laurin Tour

König Laurin and his legendary "Rose Garden." Every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m., you can join the Carezza Ski School for a tour of this majestic natural spectacle. We'll follow the trail of the famed "Dwarf King" and simultaneously explore the ski area. En route, we'll encounter various characters from the Laurin Legend and provide you with exciting details about one of the most-interesting sagas of the Dolomites.
The legend explains why the "Rose Garden" mountain is bathed in a red glow every day for a few moments. König Laurin, who resided in a crystal palace between the mighty cliffs of the mountain and who possessed a garden with magnificent roses, plays the main role, of course.

You're in for a thrilling experience!

Please register for the tour by 5:00 p.m. of the previous day with the Carezza Ski School,, phone: +39 0471 612236.