Cross-country skiing in the Dolomites

When winter leaves you glowing inside and out

The sunny trails are prepared, the meadows and forests are covered in a soft blanket of snow, all is quiet. Your breath forms clouds against the blue sky. This is cross-country skiing in the Dolomites.
Which to choose - skating or classic style? Cross-country skiing is relatively easy on the joints, builds stamina and muscles in equal measure, and improves your movement, metabolism and winter mood!

cross-country skiing slope panorama Latemar

Right below the Catinaccio massif

The trails are carefully marked in the snow against the unique backdrop of the Dolomites to form a wonderful network of trails (a total of 16 km, divided into three trails) ready for cross-country skiers. It is all quite straightforward and easy, with gentle ascents and multi-track sections for faster skiers.
The longest route is up to 8 km long and starts at either the Waldhaus on the Lago di Carezza or from the Tscheiner Hut on the Nigra Pass road as far as the Gasthof Frommer Alm - where you can of course stop for a bite to eat! 

A quick tour of the trails

  • Frin circuit, 5 km easy
  • Lago di Carezza circuit (Angerle Alm), 3 km easy
  • Frin - Niger - Frin connected trail, 8 km easy
  • other crosscountry slopes in Val d'Ega